At Oralart we offer a full range of services designed to meet all your restorative needs. All our work is done onsite here in New Zealand, to the exacting high standards that we started with, in 1998.
We specialise in:
  • All aspects of crown and bridge and implant work.
  • Genuine custom abutments and bars in all major implant systems.
  • Receiving digital impressions from Sirona, Itero, Trios and True Definition
  • Shade taking at our laboratory using the Vita Easyshade Spectrophotometer, as well as using photography to document the case for ourselves and if required by ACC 
  • Custom finishing of restorations, done with the patient present in our shade taking consultation room
  • Treatment planning, diagnostic wax ups and suggestions on appropriate material selection
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Hiring out Vario Link Veneer Bonding Kits
  • Loaning out Face Bow Registration equipment.
  • Telephone consultations
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